Post Launch: Beyond Mission Schedule

Mission Review – After completion of your campaign our team will schedule a time to review the project with you to discuss effectiveness, collaboration and overall success. We believe it is so important to hear your final assessment as we value opportunities to continually improve.

Maintenance – After a successful launch many campaigns do not truly end. Often ongoing Support and Maintenance are needed to ensure that the campaign enjoys continued success. Lunar Cow offers maintenance plans of all types and sizes, from on-demand to agency plans. We will work with you to identify your goals and customize the optimum Maintenance Plan prior to Launch so that when the project completes, the transition to Maintenance will be seamless.

Agency – We begin most of our client relationships working on a single campaign. After achieving success for our customers on the first project, the obvious next step is to start on a second campaign or often many campaigns. Lunar Cow offers Agency Plans that support ongoing Branding, Marketing and Advertising needs. Plans are customized to needs and cover all types of projects. Maybe you need a new brochure or sign fast, or maybe you want to create a social media game to draw in a new audience. Regardless of the need, Lunar Cow will get right to work on starting a new Mission Schedule to implement the campaign.

Idea Farming – Another common next step after the Launch of a successful campaign is what we call "Idea Farming." Now that our team has gained familiarity with your business, we will be able to suggest new opportunities to strengthen your brand relationship with your target audience. Your Idea Farmer will present you with a host of new ideas and discuss the value they bring to your business.