Mission Schedule: M5 - Launch

After gaining your final approval, your campaign is ready for the Launch Pad! Your Project Manager will work with you to coordinate all the Launch details. We will facilitate all aspects of the Launch and keep you posted as we progress.

Print Campaign Launch – If your project involves printing, we manage all pre-press, proofing and final printing. We schedule all boxing, shipping, delivery and mailing needs at the start of the project so we can facilitate them quickly once the pieces are off the press. We even provide you warehousing if needed, with scheduled delivery coordination as needed. As you can see Lunar Cow will handle the "heavy-lifting" during your Print Campaign's Launch, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the campaign's success.

Interactive Campaign Launch – For interactive, online or onscreen campaigns, we manage all aspects of moving from beta-server to going live. We coordinate everything from back-ups to up-loads and installs to server transfers. We can also provide you tracking and reporting tools so you can access real-time result data and continue to analyze your interactive campaign throughout the course of its existence.