Mission Schedule: M4 - Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the most important step of the Mission Schedule. We have reserved this milestone to ensure all aspects of the campaign meet your expectations. The Prototype is rigorously proofed, tested and reviewed by both your team and ours. Our Quality Assurance Team facilitates simulations to ensure that the system functions as anticipated and will be successful with the defined target audience.

During this step, Training Sessions are provided to educate your team on management and ongoing maintenance of the new system. Training sessions are one-part instructional and one-part hands application. The training sessions end with a question and answer session and assignment of recommended self-exploration exercises. Training culminates with your confirmation that you have achieved full understanding of the system and possess complete confidence using it.

Quality Assurance is the final developmental step of the Mission Schedule. All necessary edits and revisions are completed at this time. Modifications to the Prototype are presented to you and Final Approval with Launch Confirmation is obtained.