Mission Schedule: M2 - Visualization

Creativity fuels the Visualization step of the Mission Schedule and it is divided into two parts.

The first part of Visualization seeks to establish “the look” of the system. During this portion, your creative team takes the Flight Plan and designs potential delivery systems for the campaign. We challenge ourselves to explore multiple options and variation that accomplish the campaign objectives in effective but different ways. These ideas are presented to you for review, refinement and final selection. 

Once we have identified the "the look" of the system, we transition to the second portion of Visualization, known as "system expansion". At this point we expand the design by rendering the "page styles" or "skins" that define the audience experience. All major sections, modules and details are designed so we can establish a complete understanding of usability, variables and key styles that govern the campaign. The process completes with final approval of the page styles/skins and the green light to move to prototype development.