Mission Schedule: M1 - Discovery

Your Mission Schedule opens with one of two fun and highly collaborative workshops.

The Barnstorming Kick-off is a remote meeting facilitated over the Internet, that shares knowledge, ideas and shapes the key objectives of your campaign. Our team begins as "brand detectives" focused on "getting the facts" of your business, audience and campaign objectives. After the meeting, we provide follow-up exercises and facilitate supplemental research to further expand our depth of understanding. The entire Barnstorming Kick-off is documented, so there is no risk for knowledge loss, and it serves as a reference throughout the Mission Schedule.

For precedence setting campaigns, we recommend our onsite Brainstorming Summit. This upgraded collaboration workshop takes place over one to two days. It boosts expanded workshop exercises and the opportunity for greater investigation and idea sharing. In addition, we will schedule tours and self-exploration, while onsite, that will give our team first-hand experience with your brand.

After the workshop and research are finished, we conclude the Discovery Stage with A Flight Plan Outline or Sitemap that summarizes the project, identifies content elements and defines the structural foundation of the campaign.