Marketing & Advertising

Getting Noticed and Building Trust.

Marketing is the complete process of connecting goods and services with customers in the market place. There are a number of key components within Brand Marketing but two of the most important are Advertising Campaigns and Messaging Collateral.

Advertising Campaigns are used to create Brand Relationships. They make new connections with an unfamiliar audience and they maintain or reshape existing relationships with established customers. Living in the Advertising Age, customers are saturated with ads that attempt to connect with them. The amount of competing messages is significant. This makes it so important to create campaigns that are engaging and memorable. Equally important is to make sure that how you communicate is effective with the audience. To enjoy success, both need to converge quickly when the viewer encounters the advertisement. At Lunar Cow, we believe that Narrative Communication is the most effective way to communicate. If you can tell a good "brand story" it will connect with the audience and attract new customers. Let us help write your story so you can enjoy a fairy-tale ending with your customers.

Messaging Collateral expands initial connections often made by Advertising. They build upon interest and substantiate understanding. For example: a prospect has just learned you offer a service they might need. The next logical step the customer will take is to seek out additional information to determine if a purchase is warranted. Messaging Collateral helps the customer achieve the confidence to choose your goods and services. Messaging Collateral comes in many forms including brochures, sales kits, invitations, stay-in-touch systems, signage, direct mail, annual reports and even packaging. Effective Messaging Collateral will maximize your Marketing efforts. When done effectively it should always translate in results. At Lunar Cow, when it comes to Message Collateral, our message is simple, We Design Results!

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