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iMap Overview

Travelers are on the go and more connected than ever. Your map assets must parallel the growing mobility of your visitor audience. The Lunar Cow iMap, or interactive maps, allow visitors to access your map from anywhere they are connected. In addition, the iMap provides expanded functionality that traditional maps cannot offer such as pop-up POI Virtual Tours, complete with images, videos, details and links, to searchable map experiences that allow trip planners to create and share customized itineraries. Our iMap solutions are easy-to-use and offer your visitors a fun and powerful tool to help them plan their trip or find something of interest while on the go.

The iMap is divided into four major categories: Fast Find, Controls, Support and My iMap. Fast Find tools help visitors locate what they need quickly and easily. The Controls give them the ability to move about the iMap with ease. The Support area offers valuable help on using the iMap along with connecting you with your visitors. Finally, My iMap provides visitors with ways to personalize and share their iMap experience with others.