You’ll Flip For It!

Publications look great in print, but that is not the only way they can be delivered, nor should it be. More and more, audiences are evolving to demand and even prefer publications digitally. Digital publications expand value by offering greater functionality. Lunar Cow’s GoGuide is the perfect way to take your Guide, Magazine or Publication beyond the printed page. GoGuides can be accessed by computers, tablets and phones and require only a click to begin using!

Lunar Cow’s GoGuide offers the following functionality: 

  • Thumbnail Gallery – A visual look at each page of the publication.
  • Interactive Table of Contents – One click access to any defined section.
  • Advertising Index – Your advertisers will appreciate that their message is just a click away from anywhere in the GoGuide.
  • Search – Enter a key word or phrase and the GoGuide returns relevant content based on your search.
  • Zoom – Easily zoom in the out to see details or get the bigger picture.
  • Preferences  & Settings – Control how you enjoy the guide. Spreads, single pages, with or without sound and animations, just pick your preference and enjoy!
  • Links – Websites, email addresses and other links activate automatically.  
  • Share – The publication is easily shared with others electronically.
  • Tools – Print, save a PDF, add a bookmark in a favorite place or place notes within the publication.
  • Help – Help resources identify key functionality and explain how it works.
  • Page Flipping – Yup! We even cover that one. Even a print purest will be impressed by how fluidly pages flip.

So as you can see Lunar Cow’s GoGuide will take your Guide or Publication way beyond the printed page! Be sure to check out the Guides and Publications section of the Launchpad portfolio. The majority of samples feature a GoGuide that will show you all these cool features first-hand.

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