Valued Customers

We believe that the easiest way to succeed in design and marketing is to promote what you know and love. At Lunar Cow, we love to travel and we enjoy having fun. We are a collection of roller-coaster-riding, animal-loving, fun-seeking travelers who enjoy exploring the wonderful world we live in. Our clients are natural outgrowths of our passions and include Destination Marketers like:

•    Convention and Visitor Bureaus
•    Chambers of Commerce
•    Theme Parks
•    Animal Properties
•    Zoos and Aquariums
•    Membership Organizations
•    Various Travel Destinations related to the “Fun-Space”

We know how to promote a Destination. Because we work with customers who parallel our interests, we bring a wealth of knowledge, excitement and understanding to each campaign. We can easily speak to the target audience because we are a part of the audience. We know what the customer wants, because we are among those customers. We share their interests and we know how to connect with them.

Our customers are valued members of our team. We take great pride in showing our Wow-Factor to them during the mission and we strive to exceed all of their goals and expectations. We enjoy not only working with our customers, but we also treasure the process of learning about them, winning their confidence and developing a friendship with them. When we accomplish that on top of the goals we set out for on project, we know we have truly achieved something special.