Brand Story


We have answered this frequently asked question many times over and do not grow tired of answering it. The reason being, our brand was created to elicit that very question. We believe that everyone loves a good story and a brand is a story. An interesting story pulls the audience in and engages them. It is much easier to connect with an audience when you have their attention and we knew a good story would allow us to gain that attention. So we studied what makes a good story and explored the tradition of storytelling. We discovered that the formula all great stories share was a simple one:

1. Tell a story that interests you
2. Blend familiar elements with new and unique
3. Use symbolism to define underlying messages
4. Keep it simple, leaving room for interpretation and expansion

So as we shaped the Lunar Cow Brand Story, we brought in familiar elements that interested us like the moon, farm and outer space and combined them in a way that would be new and unique. Each element contains symbolism that is important to us. Space represents the limitless possibility of creative ideas and a quest to explore new frontiers. The moon represents change and the cycle of ideas. The fairy-tale aspect of our brand represents our appreciation for child-like curiosity and the power of imagination. The farm represents the value of hard work and how essential it is to accomplishing anything of measure. Sure there is more to Lunar Cow, but we want to leave room for you to discover that on your own. After all, good storytelling allows room for the audience to expand the story and find their own interpretations.

Since 2000, we have been telling our unique story. As we grow, new team members and clients help us expand the story by adding new elements. Truly an interesting tale has already begun to unfold, but like any good story, there is always another chapter waiting to be told. We look forward to continuing that story with you.