Brainstorming Summit

Energize Your Brain!

Although the Barnstorming Kick-off is a strong foundation to the start of our Mission Schedule, we offer an expanded session, called the Brainstorming Summit that is recommended for precedence-setting projects.

With the Brainstorming Summit, our team comes to you. Summit times range from full day to multiple-day sessions. The additional time that the Brainstorming Summit affords us, allows for greater discovery and collaboration time. We can facilitate more workshops, interviews and exercises during the Summit that would not be available to us on a Barnstorming Kick-off. For larger groups, we typically host interviews throughout the day with key department teams. These Department Discussions shed greater light on your Brand, while offering specific vantage points on the project. They help us define important goals and gain a deep understanding of all facets of your business.

Brainstorming Summits are highly creative, collaborative sessions that will energize your brain. Workshops and Exercises are designed to be entertaining and demonstrate the value of using “both sides of the brain” to approach the problem, as opposed to just approaching it as a  “right or left-brain-er.” Just because we are here to learn, does not mean we should not be having fun along the way. In fact, we strongly believe that fun is an important part of the way we learn.

The final and arguably most significant value of a Brainstorming Summit is what we call Experience-based Learning. A portion of the time will be devoted to Tours and Participation. We want to see and experience your business first-hand and at the customer level. We enjoy seeing, doing and sampling the activities that are important to your business. Its one thing to hear it explained, but it's all the more significant when you experience it for yourself. When we have seen it and participated in it, we gain a deeper appreciation and understanding. Our ideas are expanded as well and we have so much more to pull from when we begin the visualization process.

Your Project Manager and Creative Director will work with you to plan the ideal Brainstorming Summit Agenda. We’ll cover everything from defining meeting and tour times to sending you preparation documents to prime your team for collaboration success during the Summit. Build the ultimate foundation for your Mission with the Lunar Cow Brainstorming Summit.

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