Barnstorming Kick-Off

We begin the creative process as detectives.

It is important for us to “get the facts” as they relate to your brand, your business and your audience. Sure we know how to design and market a brand, but we never take a customer’s business for granted, as if we already know everything there is to consider. To us, the design process is always unique and should be highly collaborative. You bring important knowledge and contributions to the team and the Barnstorming Kick-off gives your voice the opportunity to be not only heard but also understood.

In order to shape a deep understanding of your brand, we have created our Barnstorming Kick-off. It is the first step of every project and it serves as the foundation for everything that follows. The session is facilitated remotely, over the Web, so connecting with us is very convenient. Even though we may not be in the same room, the online meeting will give us all the ability to share as if we were. During the Barnstorming Kick-off we will ask a lot of thought provoking questions and create stimulating dialogue that is relevant to your project and beyond. Many participants have told us that the exercises and workshops facilitated during the Barnstorming Kick-off have helped them greatly in other areas of their business. Trust us, we'll get you thinking and sharing ideas in order to help us build the perfect foundation for the Mission.

Considering the depth of discussion that occurs during a Barnstorming Kick-off it would be impossible to expect team members to remember every detail just by participating. That is why ALL details are documented in two important ways.

  1. Barnstorming Kick-off Summary Document The Barnstorming Kick-off Summary Document is compiled and edited in real-time by the group. Before the kick-off is completed, the document is reviewed and approved. Afterwards, it is sent to you to allow your team to facilitate follow-up exercises and to expand on any topics discussed within. Once you have completed your review and edits, the document is approved and serves as an important reference for the Mission.
  2. Barnstorming Kick-off Recording – To add another layer to our commitment to preventing loss of knowledge transfer, all Barnstorming Kick-offs are recorded. This documented video reference ensures that if we need to revisit a specific topic from the original discussion, it can be done easily at any time during the Mission.

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