Complete Creative Support at the Speed of Need and Opportunity

Most of our client relationships begin with one defined project, but after achieving success it often leads to more campaigns. In those instances, we recommend an Agency relationship to manage the new work. An Agency Agreement offers our clients the highest degree of creative response at the best possible pricing.

Agency Agreements can be customized to fit any size need, from a client with modest on demand needs to those who require management of multiple projects across different departments each week. We will work with you to identify your predictive needs as well as accounting for the things that will come up along the way. We will create a project list and anticipated calendar and use it to make a recommendation on the best hour allotment for your needs.

We know how to collaborate and manage whatever volume of work needs to get done. Projects can begin quickly with just a phone call or email to your project manager. Agency contracts cover all types of campaigns including but not limited to branding, advertising, messaging collateral, signage, interactive, social media and programming. We will schedule regular reviews to go over hour usage, discuss efficiency improvements, outline upcoming projects, and share new ideas.

Our Project Management and Time Tracking software will show you exactly how your hours are being used and identify the savings you enjoy with each project in the agency model as opposed to working on a project-by-project basis. At all times, you are in full control of your projects, priorities and hour management.

So when you need a sales sheet by tomorrow or a sign replaced fast, you’ll be covered with a Lunar Cow Agency solution.

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