Ad Sales

Significantly Reduce Your Cost!

Did you know Lunar Cow provides complete Ad Sales Services in-house? Well, now you do! Our Ad Sales Team will free you up from the burden of ad sales and management so you can focus on running your business.

We begin by using our National Printer Vendor Network, to obtain the most competitive printing bid for your campaign. Many times, we significantly reduce the cost of producing the publication with this key step.

Next we create a rate card and work with you to send it off to all the potential advertisers. Our goal is to increase advertiser value from the previous year to make ad sales all the more effective. We gather all your customer and prospect lists and organize them for efficient calling. We also review the past years to see trends and determine opportunities for improvement.

Once all the needed pieces are in place, the Ad Sales Team begins calling past advertisers and prospects. All sales activity is documented in our Project Management (PM) software. A customer login will connect you with the Lunar Cow PM so you can access sales reports and manage your campaign.  

The Ad Sales Team will manage the collection of payment and artwork and transfer the ad art seamlessly to the Creative Team for proper placement in the publication. In addition, our Creative Team offers affordable design services to your advertisers who may not already have an ad available.

So when it comes to Ad Sales, we know how to sell and we have you covered!

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